Where Do We Need To Exert Energy?

We are in an energy crisis. I'm not talking about what you may think when I mention energy crisis. I'm talking about our personal energy crisis in our own bodies. What I mean is this: When we go through the process of thinking, our nerve cells in our brain form neurochemicals called neurotransmitters. These are formed from the nerve cells and passed to other nerve cells in order to pass information from one cell to the other. What I'm saying is that when we go through the process of thinking, every thought is converted to a chemical signal that passes from one nerve cell to other nerve cells. Every chemical formed has a molecular make-up, and a certain charge to it. When I say charge, I am talking about the positive or negative charges that come from the atoms that make the molecules that are the chemicals. When I ask the question of what else in our world has positive and negative charges, most people think of batteries and magnets. When we have thoughts, we create molecules that have positive and negative poles. In short we create magnets inside of us. If our thought process is really efficient, we can cause physical changes in our body. We can stimulate the production of chemicals for healing, for breathing faster or slower, for increasing or lowering our heart rate and for changing our response to the environment. We can cause our whole body to become a giant magnet. I do not assume to know how far away our body magnet can attract things but our own body's physiology will change. For example, if I thought about crime in the city and how much I wanted to stop crime, I would make lots of chemical neurotransmitters relating to crime. Even though I wanted to stop crime, I could be attracting more crime to me, because I spent a lot of time making crime neurochemicals. If I really wanted to stop crime I would need to think about safe practices and security, and a peacefull society. I would form safe practice and secure neurochemicals. This would attract more safe and secure things toward me. I know this sounds juvenile, however this is something worth our time. If I really want to change health care than I must spend my energy thinking about an ideal health care system. I can't spend so much of my energy fighting against a health care system I do not want, because most likely I will get it. I must put forth a quality plan and put my energy behind it. If I want a different candidate for President, Governor, or Mayer I need to support the different candidate instead of fighting against the candidate I don't want. There is something very interesting about the human body. This is that the human body does not contain nerves that register negative signals. In other words: we do not have a "Not" nerve. We feel cold because there is no heat signals, and we see black because there are no color or light signals. Notice what happens when we tell ourselves or others "not" to do something. Isn't it the first response to do what we are "not" supposed to do. We have better effects when we have ourselves or others "do" something other than what we do not want to do. We have so much potential for good in our world but often times resort to making time for the bad. I like the Beatles song -"Imagine," I think we should imagine a world like we want and not one that we do not want.