Hello,  I want to tell you what you may expect the first time in my office:  You will be greeted by either Nancy or Susan and they will hand you some forms to fill out.  I tried to minimize the forms but they still exist to help me get to know and document what I need to do to help you.  If we are working with your insurance there will be about two extra forms to fill out.  All in all you are looking at about five pages if we are working with your insurance.  After that we will go into my office where we will talk a little bit, then we will go through a complete exam.  You will be asked to walk in place and in a straight line.  You will take a seat then asked to go through range of motion exercises.  After that, you will lay face down on a special chiropractic table where I will examine your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine.  I will deliver some chiropractic manipulative therapy to areas of your body that is not working quite right.  Then you will be asked to turn over so that you are face up on the table.  I will challenge some muscles and ask you how it felt.  Then I will ask you to hold a voluntary contraction against my resistance while I challenge joints of your spine, arms, or legs.  We will see how well you can concentrate when I challenge the joints of your body.  If there are problems with that I will place you into a concentrated stretch for those particular problematic areas.  After that you will sit back up and I will check the overall movement of your neck, shoulders, arms, and back.  If there are any restrictions I will make some more adjustments.  Everyone should experience at least ten percent or better improvement on this first time compared to how you felt before you came in.  I will ask to follow up with you sometime in the following week to evaluate how you responded to the adjustments we made.  Then I will give you my expert opinion on what should be done to resolve your health concerns.