Our Staff


Colleen is a licensed massage therapist and has been a therapist for over 10 years. Clients say she is the best ! She loves jokes, laughing, playing practical jokes, and people. She is always bubbly with everyone she meets. She is a great addition to our staff.


Licensed originally as a medical assistant in 1973 from San Bernardino, California, Nancy has worked in various areas of the medical field. She started working for chiropractors in 1979 while she lived in Alaska. After a serious car accident she sought help from a prestigious chiropractor, Dr. Stoner in Nevada. He was so impressed with her and asked that she work for him. For 5 years she traveled with him while they administered chiropractic services personally to a diplomat and his family. She moved to Arizona in 1985 and took a break from working in the medical field, in order to raise her family. She raised two strong and handsome sons and a beautiful daughter. Now she has a wonderful Son-in- law, and a prefect daughter-in- law. She enjoys the beach, sunshine, the pool, and travel. Children are her favorite people. As a side note; Nancy lived in the South Pacific, Korea, Arabia, Europe, and Alaska.


Susan has worked in various areas of the medical field. She grew up in Southern California and moved to Arizona as a teenager. She is happily married and loves spending time with her husband, their two kids and son-in- law. Her dogs are also an important part of her family. She likes music and funny movies and has a quick sense of humor. She also enjoys reading, relaxing on the beach and practicing yoga.