Godard Chiropractic has helped me return from a painful daily existence and relative inactivity to a fully active, athletic and functional lifestyle. Dr. Godard is, hands down, the most skillful and effective healing practitioner I have experienced to date.
— F.D
In the seven months I have been under Dr. Godard’s care, I have improved in health, (physical, mental, and attitude). Through exercise, diet change, adjustments, and education, I no longer have pain in my Achilles tendon, knees, neck and upper back. I am now working on the oldest war wounds in my lower back and am starting to see a decrease in pain and an improvement in mobility.
— T.E
Dear Craig, we would like to express our gratitude for all you’ve done for us over the years. We experienced health, & well being, through your care. Truly you’re a kind, gentle, and caring soul.
— P & T
I have been in and out of chiropractic offices for most of my life, and have seen many chiropractors...Some better than others. I always knew that Doctor Godard was good, but when I brought in my crying two year old son, I got quite a shock. Since little ones can’t communicate well, all I knew was that he wasn’t using his arm, he didn’t want to be held a certain way, and that he was crying constantly from being in pain. Doctor Godard took one look at him, and said. Yeah, his arm is dislocated. In less than ten minutes we were out the door and my boy is just fine.
— B.C
Through Dr. Godard’s thorough and accurate methods of diagnosis, our entire family has been able to pinpoint and treat several problems in ways we could not have imagined on our own, or through conventional medicine.
— J.D
Dear Dr. Godard, both my wife and I have found much needed relief and satisfaction from your services. I think the most pleasing thing you have done for us is to relieve our while being very cognoscente of our pocket book. We appreciate your approach in letting us choose the amount of help we want without any pressure or feeling that we are not living up to your expectations. You have been very supportive in every decision we have made, and it is appreciated. We are also very grateful for your willingness to help whenever we call.

We find you a very reputable doctor that is willing to help in anyway to cure and teach your patients to be pain free. Your ability to help patients at a reasonable price is a hard commodity to come by in a world of self serving attitudes. Thank you for your willingness to put the patient before the buck.
— W.H
I have a chronic Lower Back Problem. Dr. Godard Always knows how to bring me back. Plus, he is very informative and very knowledgeable in his profession.
— C.S
I have thrown out my back on at least two occasions and Doctor Craig has helped me back to health.
— D.F
When I first started I could barely move - my lower back had a kink in it - after several treatments I could join the human race again. Thanks! My husband thought that all chiropractors were ‘quacks’ - but finally came in for a treatment and now sees the value of seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. Thanks!
— J.B
When I first came to Dr. Godard, I couldn’t sit for minutes at a time or run without being in pain. I have been seeing Dr. Godard for about 3 months. I am now able to sit for at least an hour and run a mile every night.
— S.W
After years of lower back and hip pain, I am finally able to feel relief that lasts with no pain killers.
— P.P

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