Diet Changes For Better Health

About two months ago my wife came to me and said she was fed up with a particular skin condition she had on her eye lids. At the same time she said I needed to sit down with her and our oldest three daughters and tell them what they need to do to have better health. We were looking for a significant change that would bring a significant result. We were fed up with the symptoms of poor eating, like skin conditions, inability to lose weight, foggy brain feelings, and overwhelming fatigue. So I laid out a diet regimen that was designed to change our lives. Over the next 44 days we engaged in a restrictive diet to retrain us on what our bodies needed.

We started out by examining what our current diet consisted of and we saw that even though we thought we were eating healthy we had a lot of "sticky" foods in our diet. What I mean by this is, if we were to put the foods we eat in a blender at any given time and blend it up we predicted that our end result would be a "gloopy" mass. That mass would be a "gloopy" mess in our intestines. Our normal gut bacteria would not be able to swim through that mass easily. The intestinal cells that the mass would smother would become unhealthy, and yeast & mold could live comfortably on that "gloop." So we embarked on a diet change to bring health back to our digestive tract.

After reading several books about physiology, diet, vegetables, fruits, supplements, and nutrition I gave my family the following outline:

  1. First 24 hours we would fast from all food and drink. We started the fast at 7:00 pm and completed the fast at 7:00 pm the following night. [The design of this was to loose the old cell lining of the intestines and clear out the old food.]

  3. For the next 8 hours we took in lots of fluid from lemon in water, "organic" beef broth, and "organic" chicken broth. We took vitamin supplements from "Biotics Research" called MCS-2, Beta-TCP, and Livotrit. And started herbal supplements from the same company of ADP andDysbiocide. We also took in essential fatty acids in EFA Sirt Supreme. During this time we were busy prepping food for the following three days. We took all our vegetables and fruits and soaked them in a sink basin of tap water and a cap full of Clorox bleach. After soaking for about a minute, we rinsed off the vegetables well, dried them, and put them in zip lock baggies that we poked holes in to keep the moisture away from the produce.

  4. For the next 72 hours our goal was to clean out the intestines with a high complex carbohydrate diet consisting of non starchy vegetables and fruits. Examples of starchy vegetables and fruits we stayed away from were: squash, peas, beans, peanuts, cashews, and potatoes to mention a few. We continued to take the supplements we mentioned before. We ate the vegetables and fruit plain or in salads, lightly steamed, or in soups. For protein intake we took a product called "Nutriclear" from "Biotics Research", and non starchy nuts like almonds. We did this to try and brush our intestines clean.
  5. After the 72 hours we added in all the rest of the vegetables including the starchy vegetables and the rest of the fruits. We excluded breads, pastries, cheeses, red meat, and most animal fat. We avoided juices unless we made a smoothie now and then. We did use fish, a little chicken and a little turkey. We also included oatmeal and cracked wheat cereal. We continued to take the same supplements I listed in the first 72 hours. We did this diet for the next 40 days.
  6. After the 40 days we included back into our diet the breads, white cheeses, some animal fat, and some red meat but the ratio in which we took those foods in was greatly reduced. We kept the blender analogy in mind when we ate any of the breads, white cheeses, some animal fat, and red meat. Our diet now consists mostly of vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains, beans, fish, and some poultry. We stopped taking most of the supplements and added in "Biodophilus FOS" or "Biodoph-7 plus." This was to help replace normal gut flora.

We experienced an increase in clarity, energy, and improved skin condition. I personally dropped 15 pounds, my oldest daughter lost 26 pounds. My second oldest daughter lost 10 pounds. My wife did not have much to lose but she lost 4 pounds and my youngest daughter had no weight to lose. My wife and youngest daughter's skin improved a lot. Our weight is staying off. I am 6 pounds from my overall goal and as I start to exercise more I am sure to reach my target. My oldest daughter was very good about exercise and that is why she lost the most out of all of us.

In following posts I will include some recipes that we used that were very tasty and good for us.

The following is a list of products we took from Biotics Research:

  • Beta-TCP is a support formula to help normal cholesterol convert to bile acid that can be excreted from the body through the kidneys.
  • MCS-2 is a unique formula of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, botanical components, and nutritive synergists to help phase I and phase II detoxification from the gut.
  • Livotrit is a healthy formulation of herbs designed with Ayurvedic principles to support liver metabolism and detoxification.
  • ADP is a unique designed nutritional that can deliver oil of oregano into the intestine because of delayed release technology and does best as an astringent towards yeast, molds, fungus and bacteria.
  • Dysbiocide is a group of herbs that helps support normal gut health against parasite infestation.
  • Nutriclear is a rice based, hypoallergenic clearing formula designed to support healthy GI function and normal detoxification pathways
  • Biodophilus FOS is a pleasant tasting powder that supplies the probiotics Lactobacillus' acidophilus (DDS-I strain) and Bifidobacterium bifidum in a prebiotic base of fructooligosaccharides
  • Biodoph-7 plus is a a preparation of seven different microorganisms in sufficient numbers, which alter the microbiota (typically by colonization) in the intestines, and by that, exert beneficial health effects in our bodies.
  • Produce is never completely cleaned from all the handling it gets starting at harvest, through the store, and into your refrigerator so a thorough cleaning is recommended.